Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Underground Outposts of Pure Strain "Valid" Humans

I've mentioned before that the pure strain "Valid" humans live in huge underground cities. But those cities had to start somehow--albeit modestly. I imagine that they began as communes or refugee stations camped out in abandoned bunkers and missile silos.
These aren't the Children of the Catalysm--no, those poor bastards were stuck on the surface. Valids were the rich kids with all the toys. They've insulated themselves from the world and built-up a keen sense of entitlement to go with it.
Today, those early hideouts that gave them their start are used as outposts (since they've long outgrown their original digs). But the bunkers and silos of old are still useful for launching mutant hunts and planning their nefarious schemes.

Several outposts circle the City of Mutants, and act as holding areas and serve as labs where Valid scientists are constantly splicing and dicing away in the dark....

More bunker art inspiration

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