Thursday, June 16, 2011

Illustration Inspiration: the Work of Bill Hauser (updated)

This some fabulous, gonzo illustration madness by a guy named Bill Hauser here in the Twin Cities. These are mostly covers for metal/thrash bands (I think) and while I'm not much of a headbanger I'm digging on the detail and the wonderful character designs. There's a few gorier ones I didn't post, but in general I think the outright zaniness--and the skill level in which it's rendered--is just perfect for a Gamma-type setting. If I had my own George-Lucas-level-funded art dept. I'd make him Art Director!

Click to embiggen

Love his scifi stuff!

UPDATE 12-21-14: Here's a few more recent pieces. His stuff reminds me of the DCC zines that are making the rounds these days. 

Bill often takes commissions, you should definitely hire him!

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