Saturday, June 18, 2011

Escape from the City of Mutants

The City of Mutants is every mutant's worst nightmare. Valids who come to the surface looking to kidnap and experiment on mutants have found a way to "test" their subjects in a free-for-all arena. Sometimes called "Darwin's Playpen", this walled-in ruined city is little more than a gladiator pit with Valid's salaciously watching the action from perimeter outposts.

So what makes this worse than a regular old Gamma Terra? The Valids have littered the urbanscape with booby traps--brutal and cruel to the last. Some traps are instant and deadly, others prolong the inevitable with lingering effects, and some are meant merely to hold prisoners until a hungry gargantuan can be dropped via ornithopter or hoversled.

Another terrible price while visiting the big city: there's no food. No sustenance of any type is ever dropped. There are no humanitarian gestures--these aren't humans, after all! No, the denizens are left to "make" their own meals through combat.

There are regular deliveries of all manner of weapons (including some Omega Tech), ammunition, vehicle parts, and some (mostly shoddy) equipment.

What little "scientific" knowledge can be gained by this travesty is unknown, but it provides many hours of live, hover-cam recorded entertainment to the Valids safely nestled in their underground cities.

One thing is for sure, if you're a mutant in the Playpen, your hours are numbered.

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Props to Bully Says: Comics Oughta Be Fun! for the great image

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