Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gamma Inspiration: Will Sweeney's Illustration and Video Animation

This awesome music video featuring the art of Will Sweeney melts my neurons (in a good way). I'm certain I've seen it before somewhere, but I can't recall where. It's just been posted over at Monster Brains, along with another one.

Here's a few samples of his art, which are equally awesome. Here's a print titled "Artifacts". Indeed they are!

Greenfuzz is a mini comic, which seems to me to be a Gamma-like strain of Tim Sievert's fantasy comic Clandestinauts.

Interior page from a different issue...

Man, I want that T-shirt--it's as close to a Gamma World War wearable as we'll ever get. It's even appropriately titled: "Battle Royale!"


  1. Hey there, Jay. This is great stuff - I really liked that video. Very cool.

    I also like the organization for your blog - I can't remember if I had noticed before, but I'm digging your page tabs at the top. Very clean and easy to find stuff.

    I notice in your profile you say that you're a "copy wizard." Do you, by chance, mean that you write advertising copy? Just curious - I'm in advertising myself, on the media planning and buying side.


  2. Hey Martin, thanks for the kind words. I try to do house cleaning from time to time.

    Yes, I'm a writer by trade. Been doing more marketing of late. Always good to know more people in the biz!