Saturday, September 29, 2012

WAR MACHINE: The Technodrome!

What do you get when you put treads on a Death Star? 
In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle universe, nothing matched the sheer menace or mechanical brutality as the Krang and Shredder's mobile HQ--THE TECHNODROME!

It was a massive, burrowing war machine, bristling with weapons and advanced technology. So OBVIOUSLY, It would make for a great set piece in any RPG.

As is, that is--a giant, earth digging, castle/tank for a mutant warlord looking for revenge against subterranean Valids.

Here's a scanner readout of some of the known features of this massive warmongering battlestation, courtesy of the TMNT wiki:

Equipment and Armament:
  • A trans-dimensional portal
  • Eyeball missile launchers
  • 4 trident-shaped laser cannons
  • A mounted surveillance eye on the top
  • A mouser factory
  • Training facilities for Shredder's henchmen, Bebop and Rocksteady
  • Three-foot-thick titanium armor
  • Huge tank treads
  • Robot walker legs that can be used instead of tank treads (scene at the end of Season 3)
  • Large holding cells
  • Earthquake machine (used during Season 2)
  • Various drilling mechanisms

Design Features
  • Classical Japanese Dojo Rooms
  • Balance control (during near the end of Season 3)
  • Anti-gravitation generators making the technodrome able to hover slightly above the ground (used during season 2 )
  • Disintegrator Unit (season 2)
  • Relay Room
  • Engine Room
  • Laundry room

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