Monday, November 8, 2010

RACE: Pure Strain Humans a.k.a. "Valids"

Pure strain humans are precisely that--homo sapiens who have managed to avoid genetic mutation from the ravages of irradiation and mutagenic substances that pollute the surface of the planet. As a result they tend to see themselves as the only true (a.k.a. "valid") heirs to humanity. While they are indeed human, their genome represents the pinnacle of human potential, taking great care to avoid inbreeding or any type of genetic contamination.

By hiding in vast subterranean cities a mile or more underground, these humans have preserved their way of life--and in nearly all cases improved greatly on technology to survive and defend themselves.
Most pockets of valids have thrived due in part to a strict social and political regime that promotes unity and obedience. Straying from these norms will lead to a quick sentence of banishment to the surface world, which is thought to be a hellish punishment from which there is no escape. A utopian society of intellectual and collective "perfection" is often the ideal lofted on the populace and enforced using automaton security forces.
Due to their long-term underground existence, pure strain society has had to push their technology in order to provide an desirable livelihood. Beam weapons, environmental suits, ray shielded vehicles and armor, and the latest medical technologies are advances commonly found in these colonies. They rarely venture to the surface except on scouting missions and occasional mutant kidnappings for test subjects.

In the beginning, few pure strain groups communicated with one another, but in more recent times, they've fostered alliances to keep in contact on surface developments. Some reports indicate that a new strategy having something to do with top dwellers may be taking shape. In general, Valids are not to be openly trusted, as their technology and fear of the surface makes them formidable adversaries....

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