Monday, November 8, 2010


In a future after the great cataclysm, the Earth is a ravaged battle ground ruled by mutated survivors, genetic supers, and new evolutionaries. Conflict is the law of land--every last irradiated square inch of it. But underground, the pure strain humans survived--and are ready to take back the surface. Armed with their advanced technology, they launch a surprise attack on the hard-scrabble mutant masses.The mutants, for their part, will not give in and are raising a force of freedom fighters to turn back the tide.

As the war rages on, neither side is aware that they are being watched from afar. Soon both factions will need to fight for their very existence.... for the ruthless alien overlords have arrived! They seek conquest of a weakened populace and to harvest the Earth for their own diabolical schemes.

Will the mutants and pure strains team up to defend their world against the alien invaders? Or will it be a three-sided, all out war?

Don't waste time wondering--pick up your 2x4, don your stop sign shield, and load your radium rifle! Choose your side and get ready to rumble in the throw-down-to-end-all-throw-downs.  


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