Friday, November 12, 2010

James Ward interviewed by Wizards of the Coast

Metamorphosis Alpha, the first Sci-Fi RPG and predecessor to Gamma World
Gamma World and Metamorphosis Alpha creator James Ward was recently interviewed by Wizards of the Coast in light of their October GW revival. Ward talks about his intentions behind creating Metamorphosis as the first sci-fi RPG, and the unintentional effect of Gamma World's rep as a goofy game.

Both games sort of mutated (ha!) once released into the wild, as players and GMs began playing the games not as intended by their author (though I don't think Ward minded too much). One example that strikes me as interesting is captured in this quote by Ward:
When I designed Metamorphosis Alpha, I wanted a science-fiction version of D&D that was an outer space dungeon. I fully expected people to buy the product and create their own starships. Imagine my complete surprise when almost everyone created their own Starship Warden.
So does that mean the game has been played "wrong" for decades? ;)

/Hat tip to Grognardia

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