Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Casting Call: Alien Overlords #2

So a long while back I was hemming and hawing over what to use as a base template for alien overlords. I wanted something gonzo, but not too wacky. They had to be intimidating and sufficiently weird. Here's our next crop of candidates:

Kelly Freas cover

Ovion from BSG

Here's an ovion concept by Ralph McQuarrie. Man, 4-LOM from Star Wars WISHES he had four-arms. 

Speaking of Star Wars, I always found the Quarren race particularly creepy (though I think I'd make mine indigo-skinned to up the "weirdness" aspect).

Skitters from Falling Skies

Selenites from First Men on the Moon

I guess I'm vacillating between squid and insects these days. Man that Freas cover is great though--grotesque, menacing as soldiers but also strange enough to look highly intelligent. Might just have a winner there.


  1. For my game, I am using Mind Flayers (Illithids) for the alien overlord and hiding other smaller more obscure and aberrant D&D references in the backdrop.

  2. Yeah Mind Flayers are dope, yo. I think that's why I like the Quarren--they're kind of a take-off. Maybe keeping them pink is better now that I think of it. The weird human skin color is pretty sickening.

  3. Recently faced a similar problem, and decided to make mine highly evolved carrion crawlers. Wormy body, insect limbs and faces but with squiddy face-tendrils. Pretty well calculated to repulse. Just haven't found a name for 'em.