Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mutants: Anatomids

Some of the simplest mutations aren't cross-breeds between species or orders of life, but merely deformed from the main line and passed down through generations. These mutants usually manifest as anatomical anomalies, making them Anatomids.

Anatomids  come in many forms and may not carry the same exact mutations from one generation to the next, but generally there are strains. Below are some tables should you not have a specific design in mind and want to randomly roll up a tribe or individual:

Mutation Expression (1d6)
  1. Oversized (by factor of xd6)
  2. Undersized (by factor of xd6)
  3. Multiples (by factor of xd10)
  4. Displaced (creator's choice)
  5. Combination (creator's choice)
  6. Single anatomy (Thing from Addams family)
Governing anatomical feature (1d12)
  1. Head
  2. Face only
  3. Eye(s) only
  4. Ear(s) only
  5. Nose only
  6. Tongue only
  7. Neck
  8. Hand(s)
  9. Foot/feet
  10. Combination of 2
  11. Conjoined at hip
  12. Conjoined at neck

Additional appendages/mutations (1d12)
  1. Antlers
  2. Elongated claws
  3. Exposed bone or shell
  4. Horns
  5. Limbs
  6. Pouch
  7. Tail(s)
  8. Tendrils
  9. Tentacles
  10. Tusks or oversized teeth
  11. Unidentified 
  12. Wings

These are only ideas of course, a player may be free to design their own PC's form or GM to design a tribe per the parameters of a given setting.

Note: Gamma World Orlens fall into this category.

Armin Zola is an example of an Anatomid techno wizard that's mastered the secrets of the ancients!

Underground lairs, forests, and secluded hideways are typical habitats for Anatomids, but they can be found anywhere.

This guy is definitely a chieftain...

What kind of culture would a society of Things be like? Artists, technicians, or healers with no eyesight or hearing....

Anatomids are allowed for PC and NPC use.


  1. I really, really like these. Consider them horked for my own Mutant Future needs.

  2. Great! I'm thinking I'll do a "part 2" with special abilities.

  3. finally! Now when I think mutant THIS IS WHAT I IMAGINE missing or fused limbs multiple eyes. Nice quality on the screen shots from the movie gahndahar, which btw is an awesome setting for a gamma game