Thursday, February 9, 2012

1990s Planet of the Apes meets Alien Nation comes sooooo close...

...but no cigar. Still, it's at least worth noting this article up on io9 about a forgotten, 1990s Alien Nation / Planet of the Apes crossover comic called Ape Nation. At first glance, appears to have "Gamma World War!" written all over it. Here's the rundown:
Long story short, a Tenctonese vessel from Alien Nation time travels to Earth's apish future. Unlike the movie, these Newcomers have conquest on the mind.
Promising, right? Just to be sure, let's check it against the GWW litmus:
  • Mutants? CHECK. Ape-men are def. mutants.
  • Aliens? CHECK. L.A. County is chock full of space invaders.
  • Humans? CHECK. Doesn't look like they're featured, but still technically part of the PoTA universe.
  • Global post-apocalypse setting? CHECK. Just regular, old PoTA world though.
According to the article the story seems to focus more on power struggles (snore!) and getting aliens drunk on sour milk.

My heart pines for a true successor to the GWW title--something that really expands on the aliens coming to clean the clocks of humanity and mutant-kind leftovers. If only....


  1. Yeah, I remember this, it had potential but didn't meet the mark for me.

  2. Sounds like another example of "great concept, poor execution".