Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thundarr Presto Magix

If I had a time machine it would be set for 1981 and I would buy CASES of them. What are Presto Magix? They're like Colorforms where you'd use a pen to transfer the characters onto a battlefield--but full color and permanent. Plus you could "forget" to transfer a leg or a wheel and inflict cool battle damage. I had mostly Star Wars. Maybe a Transformers one, I can't remember. Here's the awesome background.

Thundarr looks awesome. I love that horned whale. What sets did you have?

Props to Branded in the 80s.


  1. I'm pretty sure I had a Planet of the Apes set and a Six Million Dollar one and a few superhero ones but that was back in the long lost 70's.

  2. Oh wow - that's a blast from the past. I never had Presto Magix, but I did have tons of Colorforms, including Planet of the Apes and Star Trek.

  3. Never knew this existed. WANT BADLY.

  4. I remember having the Scooby Doo Presto Magix which of course made me the biggest nerd on the school bus. Good times! lol