Thursday, May 26, 2011

"American Barbarian" = Psychedlic Thundarr = Awesome!

Do you like barbarians? Do you like them in a far future "post, post-apocalyptic" setting? Do you like awesome, Kirby-esque artwork that makes you weep for your childhood?
Then you will love Tom Scioli's American Barbarian web comic. Here's hoping he publishes it in hard copies. I've already decided that I'll be getting five or six paper routes to keep this guy in business.
He's co-creator of Godland, which takes a different page from Kirby's galactic aesthetic. The artwork is just incredible. While the Kirby Krackle is virtually an atomic element in his universal pallet, his talents add up to more than just an homage to the King of Comics. No, the cosmic repertoire is just a jumping point for Scioli and partner Joe Casey to push the concepts--and the medium--to the limit.

Check it out:

All images: Tom Scioli

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  1. I love Godland, so this is right up my alley.

    Thank you!