Thursday, January 6, 2011

RACES: Unmended

Zombified, undead, and grotesque, the Unmended are former "living" matter, reanimated by some otherworldly glow. They are a mindless horde--sometimes not even resembling their former selves--that have no interest in civilization, just an insatiable hunger for chaos and destruction. Often fought-off, into the dark corners of the map by more intelligent tribes, they can still overwhelm with numbers.

Unlike the zombies of lore, Unmended are reanimated by strange energies that began firing from deep within the Earth around the time of the cataclysm--not a viral plague that spreads through feral biting or voracious cannibalism. It's not clear if they were "awoken" by psychic energy flowing from ley lines, cosmic radiation, or mystic curse, but the armies of the dead walk the wasted Earth dismantling all outsiders who cross their path.

Unmended come in several varieties, including:

Glopies, near liquified corpses covered in toxic--sometimes irradiated--sludge and so called for the sickening sound they make when advancing on prey. If the oppressive, pungent stench or deafening moans don't get to you, their clobbering, slobber will. Oh, and they can gestalt into larger masses of walking slop if so inclined.

Withers, are barely skin on bone, and are particularly vicious. Withers tend to be extremely dexterous and lithe in melee combat. They come in irradiated or just plain varieties. Unlike other re-animates, withers retain the ability to speak and reason, though they have no recall of their former lives.

These long-forgotten remains of dead animals, mutants, monsters, etc., are often found near outcroppings of giant crystals, behind waterfalls, and half-buried in psionically charged sands. They remain in a dormant state, decomposing among the wastes of the Earth...until some unlucky interloper (usually a sentient one) enters its paranormal perimeter. The proximity of a living mind acts like a battery for these puppeteering poltergeists.

Withers and Glopies are allowed for PCs, but all three are intended for NPC use.

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