Thursday, January 6, 2011

RACES: RePrimatives

These cast offs from humankind's family tree retained (some) sentience and/or humanoid appearance and battle for tribal territory as well as prized, ancient "magic" (technology), which they worship. Some tribes are sullen-faced troglodytes that seek dark caverns, while others may hew closer to their human kin in appearance.

RePrimatives run the gamut of pre-homo sapien-like hominids, to full on troglodyte deviations. Some species are cannibals and procreate through partial consumption of victims who then mutate into new offspring (those inadvertently killed will not become offspring). Others procreate as nature intended. All RePrimative types seem to possess a highly malleable, yet hardy genetic make-up that renders them extremely susceptible to further mutation.

A Trigore hunting party on the move.
Tribes can vary in size from a few dozen to hundreds, often armed with spears, slings, axes, or other pronged weapons fashioned from sharpened animal tooth or claws.

Most RePrimative races are after the same thing: to overwhelm, eliminate, or control opposing tribes (strains)--as well as one another--using found "magical gifts from the gods" (ancient technology). Firearms, laser swords, and beam weapons are often favored by chieftains for showy displays of raw power. While medicine men prize just about any type of technology that can help the success of the tribe (or boost their personal prominence within it).

As a result of this simple-minded fascination, RePrimatives are likely candidates for manipulation by less scrupulous higher beings (wizards, warlords of the wastes, etc.) and are ripe to be bullied or bribed into make-ready assault squads.

Were it not for the enticement of magic, RePrimatives would destroy anyone who looks different from their tribe. Valids in particular have much to fear should they be low on ammo if/when they stumble upon a clan of RePrimatives...

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