Monday, November 24, 2014

VIDEO: Mad Max has nothin' on these "New Barbarians"

This trailer for The New Barbarians, a.k.a. Warriors of the Wasteland (1983) sold me when they showed a motorcycle bandit take an exploding arrow to the neck (hilarity ensues thereafter). This is Italian-made Saturday afternoon, eighties Gamma-cheese at it's finest.

It looks like the prequel to my favorite Spaghetti-pocalypse film, 2019: The Fall of New York. (Somehow I missed doing a recap on that one, I'll have to correct that soon.)

It stars exploitation film staple Fred Williamson (Black Caesar, the Black Cobra series) as said, explosive archer. Really, what more can you ask for?

Anyway, check out the awesome trailer for Barbarians:

You can also watch the full flick on YouTube.

Haven't watched it yet myself, but I think there's obviously a lot here that can be mined for a Gamma-setting of your choice---particularly those looking to emulate a Mad Max feel. Plenty of weaponized rad "doom" buggies and apocacyles for your Gamma gear-head gang.

More info:

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