Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gamma World War timeline of events, Part I


Late 22nd Century Earth
Advanced technologies in just about every discipline have brought prosperity to the world. Most of these miraculous breakthroughs have afforded humanity the promise of off-world colonies to ensure the survival of the species.


The disaster to end all disasters happens. All civilizations perish from the surface of the Earth. No one quite remembers what triggered it. Whatever caused it has passed from the collective consciousness, but it left the world in ruins.


Earth is in ruins. Anyone on the surface of the Earth who wasn't killed in the Great Cataclysm, either survived in underground strongholds or remained topside but mutated away from their genome of origin.

100 A.C. 
Some sub-terra bunkers begin to form city-states deep under the Earth, through totalitarian rule. Meanwhile, the surface-dwellers are left to fight over scraps. Evolution has accelerated, and the first cross-fauna mutants emerge.

150 A.C. 
Subterrans return to the surface with small, short-trip scouting parties. Due in part to encounters with brutal Mechlok gangs and frightening Inhuma tribes, news spreads of the devastation and the "horror" of the mutated "monsters" above.

360 A.C. 
Several pure-strain cities join to form a new government based on their un-mutated purity, calling themselves the "Valids," which is shorthand for the only acceptable form of humanity. Raiding parties have ventured topside for regular cullings of mutants who are feared and hated by Valids. Strange lights in the sky have been reported.

520 A.C.
Though skirmishes had occurred in the intervening years, the first real full-scale battle between Valids and several bands of roving mutants takes place near the Michigan Wastes. There's no clear victor, but the conflict fuels anti-Valid sentiment above ground.

775 A.C.
After centuries of hard-fought war, a league made up of Valid city-states has committed to retaking the surface in order to win back the Earth. Several mutant groups have been hunted to extinction, but many more have forged alliances in order to keep the human threat at bay.

899 A.C. 
The first New Evolutionaries are spotted. They appear quite alien, having few humanoid qualities.

960 A.C. 
Dysponia, the first mutant government is established. Hundreds of mutant factions flock to join a centralized effort to combat the Valids.

988 A.C. 
Mutants and Valids alike are preparing for a large-scale war, but with resources scarce, raiding parties are sent by both sides to reclaim ancient technology and raw materials. Inevitably skirmishes erupt.

1015 A.C.
Raiding has led to larger open conflicts but both sides are still cautious about full-scale war, citing supply issues and fear about what could happen to their respective, fragile civilizations. In a relatively short period of time, many more New Evolutionaries appear and while still alien in nature, appear more humanoid sized and shaped.

1016 A.C.
Intelligence on a Wonder of the Ancients has leaked from the Valids and the mutant forces are looking to beat them to it before they're forced into a surrender worse. Raiding parties are sent and stumble into forgotten stronghold from eons ago. Blood is spilled and laserfire exchanged as they clash over the scene--but a NEW threat has arrived!

Close to midnight, on a hot and humid, midsummer night an onslaught of energy weapons begins tearing up the Earth around the fortress. A fleet of extraterrestrial battleships has arrived! A three-way conflict between humans, mutants, and aliens--and the war for the future of Gamma Terra--has begun!

More to come...

Note: All years are approximate. I may totally mess with this timeline and revise as needed!

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